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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 22, 2017 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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the good news is our own choices in energy conservation. recycling. and transport can help regional the line find out what you can do today at redraw the lines not all. this is g.w. news live from berlin after scoring victory in regional elections catalonia is fugitive independence fida makes an offer colace pushed him on says the time has come for dialogue with the spanish government without preconditions but spanish prime minister mariano rajoy is playing hardball he says he'll meet the leader of
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the biggest party and that's not pushed on. an alternative to the olympics after being banned for the from the winter games for systematic doping russia says it will stage its own sports extravaganza. and in spain the festive season is all about children singing songs and billions of euros in cash el gordo the fact one is here again the world's biggest bang lottery. i'm egypt money thank you for joining us spain's prime minister mariano rajoy has said he's open to dialogue after yesterday's regional elections in catalonia separatist thought his want to slim majority but it remains unclear who will form the next government the horse said he would talk with the new leaders as long as they don't violate the country's constitution. he said he expected
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a new era based on dialogue but he did not respond to a call to meet with allstate independents need a college sports team on put him on is in self-imposed exile in brussels earlier today he called on to meet him to discuss catalonia future and here's what he had to say. i'm sure i'm ready to meet prime minister hoyer in brussels or in a different place in the e.u. except spain for his reasons are ready to do that because it's time for catalonia for the spanish tutor and for europe to start a new political figures and this phase needs to be defined by the political solutions not by the but known and dilute used oppression we've been seeing so far . as i'll bring in did a business that lewis was in barcelona for us lisa. rejecting a meeting with put him on the separatist leader offering dialogue does this mean the standoff will just continue yes it does really if you listen to them closely so what's put them on to saying of the i'm happy to talk but i'm still in
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favor of independence on the other hand you've got the holy saying i'm also happy to talk but not to put them on he wants to talk to you know that he might as the head of this see that honest party which came out first in these elections it doesn't sound that these two will be sitting at one to go shooting table together in the near future so who gets to form a new government in this region. it's a very good question actually obviously the pro independence bloc came out first in the elections but it will be very complicated for them to come together and form a government and that's because the parties actually diverging on the one hand you've got the two main parties the r.c.n. put them on students per catalonia party and they will have a leadership battle on the one hand you've got bits of one obviously who's in exile in belgium so he can take up the post unless he comes to spain as soon as he does
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that he will go to jail that was made very clear by the head of the spanish state on the other hand audio who care us the head of the other big coalition party possibly coalition party are see he's in jail at the moment and his number two was today also indicted for rebellion and sedition as the other former government members so you have really a problem here you don't know who to put they don't know you to put forward and on the other hand they have a problem with a minor party line a coalition party say u.p.a. which has won four seats in the new parliament and that party has said we will only join you if you clearly go for independence now the larger parties are saying we are pro independence but they haven't said they would impose it right away so there is a struggle going on here. lisa mariano rajoy calling this election and then his party the conservatives registering their worst result yet has a selection weekend him. absolutely and not only catalonia
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where he's won about three three seats actually is party to popular that people's party and that was down from eleven seats in two thousand and fifteen but sudan us has come first that party which is quite new was founded in two thousand and five is now becoming a serious competition for the people's party for marianna warholian their general elections looming in two thousand and nineteen and it will be a lot harder for money and russia hallie to win those elections now so far the e.u. has largely stayed out of this crisis is there any sign that brussels me now get involved i'm not really actually one member of the european parliament set today we will not get involved in this conflict this is an internal conflict in spain it doesn't concern the european union obviously the pro independence camp was hoping they were telling me yesterday again last night we will we want the e.u. to intervene so that everybody can come to the negotiating table and find a solution to this crisis right looks like this is not going to happen in the near
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future he said louis joining us from barcelona thank you. human rights watch says syrian and russian forces have stepped up their airstrikes on eastern go to near damascus and other areas one of the last strongholds of rebels fighting the troops of president bashar al assad the rights group released these pictures showing the attacks and says have killed dozens of civilians it says government forces have tightened to their siege of the enclave and are blocking evacuations and restricting humanitarian aid the population is a trist of starvation with gently supplies of food and medicine. the reports came as powerbrokers russia iran and turkey hold a new round of syria peace talks in the capital a stand up u.n. envoy special envoy in syria stuff under mr arar is taking part are usually whole separate talks with syria representatives in geneva but with the reports of that
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worsening humanitarian situation in eastern guta is hoping to get the sides to agree to allow u.n. aid convoys in former chancellor get had trodden says his social democrats should quickly agree on forming a government to chancellor angela merkel's conservatives exploratory talks will start on january seventh and the shuttle to last just six days now that's less than a week for the two sides to find enough common ground to form a so-called grand coalition many social democrats bitterly oppose taking that step . but in an exclusive interview with the w. and german public broadcaster troy says the social democrats need to take responsibility and help bring an end to the longest wait for a government in german post-war history is the first time that we've got a six party parliament two of those parties are not seen as potential coalition partners in fact they aren't capable of being in
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a coalition the left on the one hand and the only fifty on the other parents why it will become more difficult so i'm telling my party very frankly there's no way round it you have to take on this responsibility you have to convince the party members that this is necessary and do it quickly. time now for some of the other stories making news around the world french president emmanuel mccall has held talks with his palestinian counterpart mahmoud abbas the pair met at the end you say palace in paris to discuss the u.s. move to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the meeting comes after the united nations voted to reject donald trump's decision. cuba has postponed the historic transfer of its presidency rolle castro confirmed that he will stay on until april two months longer than planned due to the damage caused by hurricane castro and his late older brother fidel have ruled the country for nearly sixty years. british foreign minister boyce johnson has confronted his russian
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counterpart over the annexation of ukraine and russia cyber hacking so gay lover of told him relations between the two countries were very low johnson's visit to russia is the first by a british foreign secretary in more than five years. russia's sports minister says the country will host an alternative competition following its banned from february's winter olympics in south korea that suspension came after the international olympic committee found evidence of a quote unprecedented systematic manipulation of the anti doping system. in less than fifty day use around two and a half hours and athletes would descend on pyong chang for the twenty eighteen winter olympics the question is how many russians will be here among them earlier this month i.o.c. president thomas bach amounts to ban on russia because of state sponsored doping. the launch now appearing somewhat premature russian athletes will be allowed to
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compete in pure china under a neutral flag if they can prove they're clean but with some russians calling for a boycott the country wants to stage no terms of games for those choosing to stay behind with good luck spots it will hold a number of competitions for athletes and we're working on it now the competitions will also be an opportunity to invite foreign after. the last winter games in sochi in twenty fourteen were meant to be a display of russian sporting prowess they have since turned into a russian nightmare. evidence from gregory wrote a chunk of the former head of russia's anti doping lab revealed cheating on an unprecedented scale this. an i.o.c. investigation finally confirmed that evidence to be credible. the year has been an intense warm hard warm. believe we've never had a harder year for both soviet and russian sport. but still russia and its
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president vladimir putin continue to deny state involvement until that changes the country may find itself left out in the cold pariah of international sports. a young south african is vying to become the first black alpine skier to represent his country at the olympics as a teenager see this film and was invited by the international olympic committee to compete to the twenty four thousand sochi games that south africa declined to send him saying he didn't meet the required standard now he hopes to make the cut for the winter games in february in south korea. quo. missing out on sochi hasn't stopped him for several spielman the very novelty of participating in alpine sports in south africa spurs him on to keep going for gold you know. the great thing is. that the remoter is another thing that motivates the twenty two year old inspiring local
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kids to also get involved in a sport they wouldn't normally have on their radar. and qualifying for a fortune turning forty so like the difference. within the community with children wanting to grow in this forward and through the development program. that decision on his participation in pyongyang twenty eight team is likely to be made in january but after missing out on the sochi games. on is more determined than ever. it's a festive season and in spain that means children singing songs that bring billions of euros in cash el gordo is here again the world's biggest paying lottery the fact one was announced in the traditional fashion today by schoolchildren in madrid
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singing the winning number which carries a cash prize of four million euros but instead of putting the entire prize in to one winning ticket. the wealth by having many smaller prizes. in total two point four billion euros will be paid out so it's no wonder practically the whole country has a flutter. the numbers of every winning ticket a song each year it's the world's biggest lottery held at madrid's tiago for ya so subtle prize payout is more than two billion euros many spaniards believe that being present at the drawing improves their chances of winning so. that you can hello merry christmas we came here tonight all the way from ahmadiyya and illegal going up three generations in new. hampshire. to find when all quit working only it was that the games you did any kind of fun when we
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all leave here really slowly. so that people won't notice and you know maybe i did you know get back even if. all you mean is twenty euros to play and spaniards are crazy for the lottery in madrid alone more than three times as many tickets have been sold as there are residents everyone dreams of winning big gordo the four million euro top prize this is the day when supposedly loses can become oneness two years ago for example el gordo went to a region suffering from s. unemployment and the second prize more than a million euros went to a betting syndicate in an old people's home and the spanish stayed always wins big as a drugs in up to two hundred million euros in taxes and i. christmas chair all around but here's our mind of the top story we're following for you. victory in regional elections he wants to talk with madrid without preconditions but spanish
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prime minister is playing hardball he says. the biggest. push them on. our website. and social media we are at. thanks for watching. people over information.


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